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第一屆視覺科學與藝術論壇 (2017/9/9)-​聖約翰科技大學


1. Convective Mass Transport during Ventilation in Branched Airways of Human Lungs


2. Production of Stable Bio-Emulsion Fuel with the Aid of Underwater Explosion

     講者: 鳥居修一(熊本大學)

3. Two Successive Drops Impinging onto a Plate

​     講者: 林大惠(國立成功大學)

4. Quantitative flow visualization in microfluidic devices by using pressure/temperature sensitive paint

     講者: 黃智永(國立清華大學)

5. Visualization of Temperature Distribution in a Rotating Channel Using Liquid Crystal

     講者: 劉耀先(國立交通大學)

6. Visualization of Thermal-Fluid Flows Based on CFD Simulations

​     講者: 黃柏文(逢甲大學)


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